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I saw the Wicked tour in DC yesterday afternoon. I really do love this show, no matter how hyped it is & many times I've seen it. Every I sit down & watch it, it just brings back so many memories and good times. Besides, I love seeing new casts. And I got to see Maria Eberline, who was NEW NEW, I'd never even heard her in it!

When I got there, the first thing I did was go look at the understudy board, and lo and behold...Stephanie J. Block was out, and Maria Eberline was on as Elphaba. So of course the first thing I do was call my friend Julia and go GUESS WHO IS OUT. JUST GUESS. And then I texted some people with this news because I was very upset. Haha.

Our tickets were for row J, so I thought we'd be like, 11th row? Around there. But they had to take out a few rows for the orchestra pit, so we were FOURTH ROW. Holy motherrr. How my mom did that I'll never know. And I was actually really excited.

+ MARIA EBERLINE! I absolutely looooved her. She may be right under Idina there with my favorite Elphabas. She's so tiny, too. Jeesh.
+ Having a new ensemble to watch! I love watching the ensemble & the faces they make and how they giggle at each other. I think it's fun.
+ There will never be another Kristin Chenoweth Sean McCourt.
+ CAROLE SHELLEY AS MORRIBLE. Um, hi. Why was I one of the two people that clapped when she entered? At least Maria got applause.
+ "What Is This Feeling?" was absolutely hilarious on Maria's part. During the "every little trait however small" line she imitated Kendra's jumpyspaz she did when she raised her hand in the previous scene.
+ I liked the two ensemble girls who played Galinda's friends. Hahaha. They were funny.
+ When Elphaba enters the "ballroom" in Dancing Through Life, Maria went from :D to ...:( it was SO sad. I bet half the audience wanted to give her a hug.
+ Derrick's Galinda impression ["You've been Galindafied"] was hysterical.
+ Derrick had the best delivery of the "Genuinely self-absorbed/deeply shallow" line I've seen yet.
+ The "For the first time, I'm somplace I belong" line in One Short Day always makes me aww.
+ David Garrison was a good wizard! For some reason I thought he was younger than he looked.
+ No Madame Morrible will EVER beat Carole's "This WICKEDDDDDDDDD WITCHHHHHH".
+ Maria was fantastic in Defying Gravity.
+ I loved Jenna's Wicked Witch of the East. Her "You're going to lose your heart to me, I tell you!" gave me chills.
+ The Elphaba Act 2 dress is one of the most gorgeous things. Ever. It looked really good on Maria.
+ AS LONG AS YOU'RE MINE IS SEX. Okay. After the "For the first time I feel...wicked" line Maria made this "oh!" noise and like, jumped Derrick. Hahaha. I laughed.
+ Maria's cackle was the best I've heard yet. :x And at the end of it...I can't even explain it in word haha but it was so funny.
+ HOLY MOTHERRR HER NO GOOD DEED. That's all I have to say about that.
+ I feel the need to say again that Carole Shelley owns this show.
+ Maria looked so tiiiiny in the finale dress.

Is it just me, or the production - does the Fiyero always put the witch hat back on Elphaba's head before they wallk off? Like, after they've walked through the doors? I had never noticed that before.

- Kendra Kassebaum, pretty much. Every line she delivered the in the same way. The one thing I liked that she did that stuck out was at the end, where she went "I hope you prove me wrong, I doubt you will" she rolled her R in the prrrrrrove just like Carole. Hahaha.
- Derrick is like, ghetto Fiyero. I mean, I loved him, he was all suave and handsome and whatnot, but there was just something I couldn't put my finger on about how he played the character.
- Bill Youmans poser. ;)
- Kendra's Popular was a bit tooo out of control. She mooned us [well, with her little undergarmets] at one point? K no, Kendra. And she didn't play the "toss toss" thing up at all.
- Those Wiz-O-Mania things FREAK MY SHIT OUT. Still.
- They had no trapdoor for Defying Gravity? So the broom came floating in from the wings. It looked REALLY cool, so I dunno why I'm putting this as a lowlight, but yeah. No trapdoor there.
- No Evita arms in Thank Goodness, Kendra?
- I think the Fed does the first steps out of the wheelchair better than Jenna. I like the rest of Jenna's better, though.
- Maria wheeled the wheelchair out from behind the closet thing while Jenna was singing? You could totally see the tin man arms and legs hanging out.
- I think Maria's greiving in the cornfield scene was just a tad over the top. But that was really my ONLY complaint with her.
- The "I'd like to try to be...Glinda, the Good" line is one of my favorites, and I didn't like the way Kendra delivered it. Eh.

I didn't get to stagedoor, because my family had to pick up our car at the shop before a certain time, but my friend & I are going on Wednesday to see about cancellation [the box office guy said they have it? haha ok] and/or standing room only tickets. And I'm stagedooring then, I hope.

Happy Holidays. :)

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